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Experience surf & yoga in Indonesia with our tailored packages.
At Roots Surf & Yoga Retreat you can choose between several packages depending on your interests.
Do you want to improve your surf but also want to work on your flexibility and balance? Then you should choose the Surf & Yoga Package to get it all.
If you are a surfaholic stick with the Surf Package.
The minimum stay at our surf and yoga retreat is 7 nights with one of our packages.

If 7 nights with one of our packages is not possible for you, please contact us for your exact dates - we'll try our best to accommodate your preferences (we make exceptions from 4 nights). Contact us here.

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Surf Package

Our Surf Package is for those who want to focus only on surfing and feel that way of life. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, Lombok is the perfect place for your surf journey.

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Surf & Yoga Package

The Surf and Yoga Package is ideal for those who want to focus on their surf technique and their flexibility. The combination of yoga and surfing is kind of a perfect match because the essential requirements for surfing are the same as for yoga: Balance, Coordination, Flexibility, Control, Strength & Endurance.

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